about communication in contemporary dance


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General pointers from communication professionals

When trying to reach out to your target audiences and in the process of creating your communication strategy, make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • For audiences to come to your work or to a venue, you need to be in their consideration set (they need to know about you) which then may lead to conversion (buying their ticket).
  • Practice thinking about your campaign as a campaign that has to compete with Netflix, Coca Cola and any other brands that aim for offering people ‘an experience’. When you consider that scale of things, and try to think about it when choosing your image and your text, it might affect your choices with regards to what image or what PR material will break through the noise of everyday life and everyday commercials, to reach the people you want to reach.
  • Do not be condescending towards your audience; do not throw things at them you think they should know, which they in fact do not know, or things you think they should appreciate, which they might not appreciate – e.g. award-winning or risky.
  • Simplify your language as much as possible – but don’t ‘dumb it down’. 
  • Play on natural curiosity for human form, not on risk, but on opportunity.
  • Promise is at the heart of every successful advertisement.
  • Testimonials of other visitors / personal recommendations are a highly relevant tool nowadays. Peer group recommendation / word of mouth is essential.