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Social media

In times of digitalization, it is almost indispensable to connect and place yourself as an artist in social media.

Social media channels allow fast dissemination, direct communication with specific target groups, it is guaranteed that you will reach people who are really interested in you as an artist. You can make use of the possibilities to set spotlights and to develop your own narratives independent from the promotion of your shows. With insights into your work in progress you can create a continuity of which you profit when you really have to communicate dates of your shows.

As a general rule, the more likes, comments, and sharing you get, the more visible you are. This applies not only for your target group, the chance that other users also take notice of you is higher as well. Therefore, it is important to communicate emotionally and dialogue orientated. Your followers are your friends. However, the investment should notonly happen on your own site,it is equally important to be active on other people’s sites as well. Stay connected, use hashtags, and links to other people or institutions so you can use the whole spectrum of the mediumIt is a give and take!
But, please, always be aware of user and image rights. Use photo credits if you upload photos you didn’t take and check if you have the consent of people who are on the photo.It is especially important for photos with audience.

Social media also demands  regularity in order not to fall out of the algorithm. This sounds like a lot of work but meanwhile, all social media channels are connected so it ispossible to use one post for several channels. This is advisable if you are referring to different age groups. Especially teenagers are not communicating through Facebook anymore, Instagram is more fashionable.

A lot of hypes, hints, and tricks about all channels are existing on the web – you can find it everywhere and learn. You can also sponsor your own posts tomake sure that they will come up in the news feed or that only a certain target group will be able to seeyour posts. The sponsoring is already possible with a little amount of money which increases depending on for how long would you like to boost the post and how many  people would you like to reach.

The main thing is: keep the time exposure manageable!

In the following, you can find a listing of the common social media channels and what is useful for each channel. This is only a brief guide with rough information. Feel free to work your way into it.


  • Facebook is used by people surrounding you, it is, of course,  an international network,and  with events, particularly, you can reach local and regional people.
  • To separate private and artistic content, create your own artist page for your work.
  • Make events, not only posts for your shows, Facebook reminds people to cancel or accept the invitation. Be careful! The event has to be public, not private so your followers can also invite friends.
  • You can create groupings for different target groups, which you can also do with What’s App, if you have rapport with your regular audience.
  • Facebook is a playing field, which works through pictures and moving images. Be creative and try out different formats (interviews, teaser, gifs, polls,...) and do not use too much text.
  • Consider different sizes of the pictures:
  • Profile picture 300x300px - or larger, but always square in size
  • Header 851x315px 


  • Instagram is an international network
  • It works through interesting images not via content.
  • In comparison to Facebook, it is better to keep people informed and to give insights into a process. All postings are visible in the news feed of the users. Facebook makes selections because of the large number of news.


  • Youtube and Vimeo are uploading platforms and video archives / portfolios.
  • Videos are easily shared on your own website and social media channels.
  • Pay attention to high quality videos.
  • Please check if the video is available for everyone, some countries have strict policies.
  • Please check before uploading, if you are allowed to use the music you have chosen